Ethics and Compliance

In support of our ambitious development strategy, Valeo's policy is to comply with the highest ethical business standards in all countries where we operate while strictly respecting local and international regulations.

portrait of Catherine Delhaye

Compliance is now an integral part of Valeo’s culture. It is reflected in the constant vigilance of all, managers and employees alike, and an ongoing awareness-raising approach, especially for newcomers.

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Catherine Delhaye

Ethics as a culture, compliance as a discipline

Valeo’s Code of Ethics embodies all of our values and rules. It applies to all of us: all employees, all managers, and all directors. It deeply influences our environment and stakeholders. Our personal ethics reflect our day-to-day business life. Supported by a strong Ethics and Compliance program, our Code of Ethics helps build a successful and profitable future. This is why integrity in everything we do for Valeo is our key driver.

Integrity towards our people and our environment is fundamental

With 110,300 people working in 33 countries (at end Dec 2020), integrity means ensuring workplace safety and respecting human rights wherever we work. It also means focusing on people, on training them and on developing them. It means valuing diversity. And of course, it means preventing discrimination and harassment. Finally, we are committed to help reduce CO2 emissions. We respect the environment and do our best to play a responsible role.

Integrity in the marketplace by doing business fairly is part of our culture

We deal fairly and honestly with our business partners. We respect our customers and uphold fair competition practices. We combat actively bribery and corruption. Our procurement and supplier selection processes are fair and we set ethical partnership frameworks with agents and intermediaries.

Protecting?Valeo’s?property?and?assets is also a matter of integrity

It starts with protecting Valeo’s information and intellectual property as well as the confidentiality of employees’ private information. It takes respecting third party intellectual property and confidentiality. It’s about ensuring the integrity and legality of our products. It also takes avoiding conflicts of interest, ensuring truth and accuracy of accounts, books and records and combating money laundering, in other words, a total commitment to professionalism and quality and a profound loyalty to Valeo.

Communicating with integrity?characterizes our?commitment to an?ethical and reliable communication

Be it vis-à-vis our people, customers, shareholders, stakeholders, we communicate carefully always considering the audience, the media and the circumstances. We are very cautious even on social media when talking about Valeo or any projects or activity that is Valeo related and we oppose insider trading.

Protect Valeo’s integrity by raising concerns when necessary

Multiple options for raising concerns are available to all employees, including a confidential alert line. Detection of risks and prevention are essential to protecting Valeo and its employees.

While we have zero tolerance for non-compliance, retaliation is not permitted and those who truly believe that the company is at risk should feel free to report issues.

Valeo does not tolerate antitrust and bribery practices. In line with this commitment, we have developed a set of policies and guidelines in our Anti-Bribery Compliance Program?and Antitrust Compliance Program.

At Valeo, we believe that everyone’s commitment and contribution to Ethics and Compliance will ensure the Group’s sustained growth and development.

Personal Data Protection Statement

As a global automotive company, Valeo continuously develops and entertains relationship with clients, employees, candidates, students, suppliers, prospects and many other stakeholders. For purely business related purposes, Valeo needs to gather, store and use some of their personal data.

Valeo?also develops products that may collect, use and transfer personal data (drivers, passengers, pedestrians….)

As reflected in its Code of Ethics, Valeo is committed to processing personal data in compliance with data protection regulations including the recent European Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to respecting the rights of data subjects be them employees, clients, business partners or stakeholders.

It is therefore Valeo policy to collect personal?data in a fair, lawful and transparent way,?to use them?for legitimate purposes only, to implement measures to protect their?integrity, to retain them for no longer than necessary and to fully support?the exercise of their rights by data subjects.

Where Valeo needs to outsource European personal data processes and/or to transfer European personal data outside of the European Union, the selected Data processors must comply with the data protection laws and Valeo Data protection Contractual terms and instructions. They include Valeo’s requirements in terms of data breach, data subject rights or claims management and the prohibition of using unapproved sub processors. International transfer clauses are also signed as legally required.

When Valeo develops, engineers and manufactures products that may trigger data protection obligations under the GDPR, Valeo takes Privacy and Security by design into account at the time of engineering and developing such products.

Should Valeo happen to process personal data or to develop a product on behalf of a client, Valeo will comply with the agreed to?data protection specifications and clients’ instructions?as per?GDPR requirements.

The above commitments are supported by the Valeo Data Protection Compliance Program that encompasses numerous policies, procedures, tools, forms and contractual clauses as well as a detailed training and awareness program.

The?Data Protection champions can and must be consulted in case of questions, issues or doubts. The?Valeo whistleblowing system?is also available to anyone who has reason to believe that the Valeo Data Protection Compliance Program is not being complied with or wants to report potential violations of this program in the law. Finally, the?Global Data Protection Officer?can be reached for any request, question or claim?at?