Our Sustainable Supply Chain

As a Tier 1 supplier dedicated to the reduction of CO2 emissions, we value working with suppliers who are committed to the development of future mobility and who ensure the application of sustainability principles within their own organizations.

Sustainability is integrated at different stages of the business relationship that Valeo has with its suppliers: from the selection process to the qualification system. We also monitor our suppliers’ improvement through different assessment tools using our sustainability criteria.


In 2015, this assessment was extended to major suppliers accounting for 60 % of Valeo’s production purchasing.



As of 2016, this process has been reinforced by sustainability audits performed in various countries and with different suppliers to identify areas of improvement wherever necessary.

Medal pictogramMoreover, in order to meet our customers’ expectations regarding sustainability, Valeo’s business partners are expected to comply with Valeo’s business principles and to act in compliance with laws and regulations at all times.


Are you interested in improving sustainability within your own organization or are you interested to know more about doing so?

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