Passive entry passive start system

The Passive Entry Passive Start system offers greater ease of use for car drivers and passengers.

Valeo’s hands-free access and start system allows the user to automatically lock and unlock the car doors without taking the key out of a bag or pocket.

The engine is started simply by pushing the ignition button.

To lock the vehicle, the user just moves away from it with the key, or touches a button or specific area on one of the door handles, depending on the ergonomic solution chosen by the manufacturer.

Valeo has developed a new generation of Passive Entry Passive Start systems offering enhanced comfort, ease of use and security, with an upmarket (or premium) appearance.

The purpose of the Passive Entry Passive Start system is to offer improved comfort for the driver. It guarantees transparent identification of the vehicle user, and reliable starting of the engine.

With this solution, Valeo is able to design and supply complete, easily integrated systems for mature and emerging markets where features like these are flourishing. Valeo designs, develops, approves and supplies Passive Entry Passive Start system that are optimized for its customers’ ranges of vehicle.