Sensor Cleaning

A complete system which removes rain, snow, debris and prevents soil accumulation on sensors lenses of Autonomous vehicles and ADAS.

Sensor, radars and lidars integration become key to shorten computing reaction time, to improve data accuracy and to make the automated car. Those new elements located at vehicle extremities need to be maintained perfectly clean all over the passenger journey to enable the ADAS function to perfectly work whatever the conditions. We are developing a complete portfolio of sensor cleaning solutions to ensure the video flow and the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Bring more safety and comfort to drivers or deliveries

To drive you need to see the road. Your Autonomous car also. The role of the optical sensors is to generate a video flow of good and stable quality, whatever the weather, road condition and season. This is not the case today. Obstacles on the lens of the sensors generate blindness, distortion of the video flow or even reduction of distance of detection. This can lead to stoppage of the Autonomy or, even worse, to errors of interpretation by the Fusion ECU.

With centricam

Without centricam


Valeo thus proposes a full range of systems to clear and clean optical sensors (visible spectrum cameras, infrared cameras, LiDARs, etc.). We ensure Perfect Video 100% of the time, instead of 55% without sensor cleaning. Thanks to a complete offer Cleaning & Clearing, including ECU and Software.

To contribute to the CO2 reduction

Our system and custom designed components have been designed to:

  • Reduce weight (ex: Nozzles using 36% less liquid than competitors) enabling liquid cost reduction, and smaller liquid tank packaging
  • Deliver systems customized to your needs but based on Standard component

Valeo is in production of Private Own Vehicles and Robotaxis, and is proposing adapted solutions for Droids of any size.



Our centrifugal solution of clearing (Centricam) received the 3rd Innovation category Connectivity & Automation at 2019 Clepa Award.

Our Heated telescopic Nozzle for Lidars has been a finalist of the PACE award?2021.