Valeo Charging Station – Concept

In 2021 Valeo introduced a complete charging solution, comprising the equipment, technical support and associated services.

A charging station for an extensive range of vehicles

The new Valeo charging stations are designed for passenger cars and light utility vehicles, both electric and plug-in hybrid, irrespective of their voltage, and are suitable for installation in domestic settings, workplaces or public areas. This satisfies at least 80% of user needs.

A smart and environmental friendly solution

Valeo charging stations (delivering 7 to 22 kW of power via a socket or integrated cable) offer intelligent energy control functionalities. Recharging can thus be scheduled for when electricity is at its lowest cost, or even for when it is being provided by a green source of power, such as solar or wind. They will also be able to redistribute the vehicle’s unused electricity, either back into the power grid or to directly power electrical appliances.

Easy installation and ultra-fast activation

Already active in the recharging ecosystem, through its onboard charging technologies for vehicles, Valeo has leveraged its expertise in power electronics and in refined, intelligent electrical systems’ control to develop charging stations that are at the cutting edge of technology in terms of connectivity, network integration and interoperability. They are equipped with a “Connect & Charge” system, enabling easy installation and ultra-fast activation.

Launch in 2022

To further accelerate the infrastructure installation process, Valeo Service will provide the commercial, distribution and technical assistance interface. Valeo will launch its first charging stations as early as 2022.